Describe the Quick Create feature in

Category: OKRs allows you to create the Objectives and Key results quickly and easily via the Quick Create option.

Why this feature?

This feature allows you to create your Objectives and Key results instantly without having the need to go through a lot of steps.

Creating Objectives using Quick Create:

Step 1

In the All My OKRs page, Click on the Quick Create option from the + Create OKR button.

Quick Create

Step 2

Create your Objective and click Save.

OKR Quick Create

Step 3

The Objective will be created. By default, the Target date will be set to the current quarter.

OKR Created

Creating Key results using Quick create:

Step 1

Under the Objective, click on the Add a new key result→ Quick Create.

Quick Create Key Result

Step 2

Create your Key Result and click Save.

While creating key results you can opt for the key result type by clicking on the following drop-down icon. Here the key result type Percentage KPI is selected.

Percentage Tracked KPI

Step 3

Also, you can select Assignees for your key result by clicking on the Assignee Icon/Name in the OKRs list page.

Add Assignee

Step 4

The Key Result will be created.

Key Result Created

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