How are OKR status and color codes linked with OKR?

Category: OKRs allows you to link Key results with OKR status and color codes. Users can manage the Status of the OKRs via Settings.

Why this feature?

  • OKR Status has a unique color code and achievement score based on which you can validate the progress of the key results.
  • OKR Status with unique color codes and scores enables quick, visual progress assessment, enhancing transparency, focus, and accountability.

Note: Only Super Users can set OKR Status and change color codes.

Step 1

Navigate to Settings→ OKRs→ Authoring → Statuses from the left navigation panel. Under the Statuses page, you will find the Color code, Status Name, and confidence % based on which the status of the key results will be updated during Check-Ins. By enabling the complete key result automatically when progress reaches 100% toggle your key result will automatically switch to Completed status.

Also, you can choose the default status for your first check-in from the drop-down list.

As we see in Settings, each status has a unique Confidence %. Admin/Authorized users can modify the value of any statuses, the below-mentioned values are given by default,

Status Name

Confidence %

Not Started


On Track


In Trouble








The Objective progress status will be calculated based on Confidence %.

For instance, if an Objective has 3 Key Results, then the Objective’s Status can be calculated as the average of the Confidence % of all the Key Result statuses. The Status color that belongs to the resultant value will be highlighted in the Objective’s progress bar.

1. If the status is Completed with 100 %, the status of the objective will be highlighted in 

2. If the status is At Risk with 30%, the objective will be highlighted in 

3. If the status is In Trouble with 10%, the objective will be highlighted in 

4. If the status is On Track with 80%, the objective will be highlighted in 

Step 2

When the user check-in a Key Result; value, status, budget amount (if any), and comments (if any) that are displayed in the check-in popup page has to be filled, depending on which the status of a Key Result will be indicated with the respective color in its progress bar. Based on this, the Key results will get updated.

Step 3

For Instance, Let’s consider the Objective Drive’s Growth via Customer Success which has three Key Results. 

Depending on the check-in history, of the key results, the status of the OKR status bar is highlighted as On Track in light blue color with 49%

Step 4

If the progress of your key result reaches 100%, you will be alerted with a note saying that your status will automatically change to complete status. If you wish to continue, click Update.

Step 5

Once you click Update your key result will be updated as Completed.

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