How can I create an OKR template?

Category: OKRs provides you an easy way to create an OKR template.

Why this feature?

  • OKR Templates allow users to select an OKR that closely matches their objectives quickly. 
  • They can use the key results in the objective as it is or edit it to suit their goals. 

Note: You need to be a Super User to create a template.

Step 1

Navigate to Settings → OKRs → Authoring → Templates. Click on the + Create Template icon to create a new template.

Enter the Template name, and set the category and the Objective name.

Step 2

Select the Key Results best suited for your Objective and click on Next.

Your created key result will appear and finally, click on Create.

Step 3

The newly created template can be added while creating Objectives using the Step-by-Step Guide method.

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