How can I move Key results to one of my OKRs?

Category: OKRs allows you can move the Key Results from one objective to another Objectives.

Why this feature?

  • supports moving key results from one OKR to another for easy mobility of KRs within the Objectives and simplifying the process of Moving the KRs from one place to another.
  • By this feature, you can move the recurring KRs to other OKRs, and there may be times when you want to change the position of KRs to a definite place of the listed Objectives.

Note: Currently, you can move your KRs within My OKRs, My Department OKRs, and My Teams OKRs.

Step 1

Navigate to the My Individual OKRs on the overview page, click the objective Mouse hover on the key result, and click on the ellipsis icon. You will find the Move button, click on it.

Step 2

A pop-up will appear, Now select the Objective to which you want to move the key Result. You can move key results to the Objectives of My Individual OKRs, My Department OKRs, and My Team OKRs.

Once you decide, click Move on the Confirmation page.

Step 3

Now the key result will be moved under the respective Objective.

Note: You can move your key results to the OKRs that you have access to at the individual, team, and department levels.

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