How can I generate a report of employees and teams who haven't set any OKRs?

Category: OKRs

Profit allows superusers to generate reports of users, teams, departments who haven't set any OKRs. This feature is available only for employees with a Superuser profile. Profit Managers’ don't have permission for this report.

This reporting feature allows you to filter employees, teams, and departments based on the number of OKRs they have set for any particular quarter, half-year and year of interest.

Step 1:

From the left navigation panel navigate OKRs → OKR Program Status → OKR Authoring

Step 2:

Click the period filter and select the desired period.

Step 3:

Click on filter # of OKRs and select 0 OKRs

You've to select 0 OKRS because we want to find the employees, teams and departments who haven’t set any OKRs.

OKR Authoring

Click Generate on the right side.

Now, in the My Individual OKRs tab, you can see all the employees whose # of OKRs column shows 0. This means they don’t have any OKRs set for that period.


Then click on the Team’s OKRs tab to see all the teams which did not set any OKR for that period.


Likewise, click on the Departments’ OKRs to see all the departments who haven’t set any OKR.

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