How can I move my OKRs?

Category: OKRs allows users to move their OKRs to other Employees, Departments, and Teams.

Why this feature?

By using this feature, you can move your pre-established and structured OKRs to other employees, departments, and teams in the organization. 

Step 1

Hover your cursor on the Objective and click on the More icon. Select the option Move.

Step 2

Select the employee, department, or team where you wish to move the OKR.

Step 3

A confirmation pop-up will open. Click on Move to complete the process.

Your OKR will be moved from the list to the selected employee/department/ team.

Note: The default assignees will be changed if they are not a member of the moved Department or Team. Also, the default owner will be changed if you move your OKR to another assignee.

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