How can I set the team visibility and the access list?

Category: OKRs allows you to set visibility for team OKRs.

Why this feature?

Using this feature, you can set the visibility options for the team OKRs while creating/editing the team OKRs.

At the department level, you can set 3 levels of visibility.

  • Public
  • department
  • Access list

Using the access list, you can choose the users you want to give access to for visibility.

Step 1

Click on the Create Objective button (Using Forms/Step by Step Guide). It will open a side panel in which you can see a new option for Visibility.

Step 2

When you click on the Visibility dropdown it will display 3 options.

  • Public
  • Department
  • Access List

When you select Public visibility then this department OKR will be visible to all the users in the organization.

When you select the Department visibility then this department OKR will be visible to those who belong to that particular department alone.

When you select the Access List visibility, it will display a search and select option. You can choose any particular employee/department/team name from the search popup window. Only those who are selected from the popup window can see that particular department's OKR.

Once you select the employee/department/team name, click on the Add button.

Note: By Default, visibility is set as Public.

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