How can I set the team visibility and the access list?

Category: OKRs allows you to set visibility for team OKRs.

Why this Feature?

Using this feature, you can set the visibility options for the team OKRs while creating/editing the team OKRs.

At the team level, you can set 3 levels of visibility.

  • Public
  • Teams
  • Access list

Using the access list, you can choose the users you want to give access to for visibility.

Step 1

Navigate to OKRs →My Teams' OKRs from the left navigation panel.


Click on the + icon to create a new OKR. For instance, create a new OKR using Form.


It will open a side panel where you can see an option for Visibility.


Step 2

If you are creating an OKR using the Step-by-Step method.

In the third step, a choice on visibility will be shown with three options.


Step 3

There are three options to set the visibility.

  • Public - OKR will be visible to all the users in the organization.
  • Teams - OKR will be visible to those who belong or have access to the team.
  • Access List - Only those selected from the popup window can see that particular team OKR.

Note: By Default, visibility is set as Public.

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