How do I change Visibility after check-in has been made?

Category: OKRs allows you to change the visibility Setting of the OKRs after you check in the key results.

Why This Feature?

  • By using this feature the user can customize the visibility of the OKRs. 
  • This enables the user to assign the OKRs to selected Individuals, Departments, and Teams in the organization.

Step 1

Navigate to OKRs →  My Departments'/Employees' OKRs, and Select the Objective that you wish to customize Visibility, and click on the  to Edit.

Step 2

A side panel will appear, now click on Visibility and select Access List.

Step 3

Once you select the Access list, click the + icon to Add Assignees. Once you add the assignee, click on the update.

Step 4

Now the Visibility of the OKRs will be changed.

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