How do I create a corporate OKR?

Category: OKRs

To create a corporate OKR, a user must be a designated Corporate head. Only Corporate Heads can define Corporate Objectives & key Results. Corporate heads can be designated by super via Settings - OKRs - OKR Levels.

To Create a Corporate OKR, the user must be corporate head in order to create a corporate OKR. The create button under Corporate OKRs is not available to users who aren’t designated as corporate heads.

Step 1:

Go to OKRs >> Corporate OKRs from the left navigation menu.

Step 2:

Click on the Create OKR Button to begin creating a corporate OKR.

Step 3:

Choose between Quick Create and Step by Step Guide methods of creating a corporate Objective.

Step 4: Create an Objective

Users can enter the corporate objective (1) i.e. what you want to accomplish. Optionally users can choose from default objectives provided in Templates (2).

Step 5:

Click on the next button to move on to the target date field.

Step 6: Target Date

Set the deadline against which you plan to achieve the objective. Use the arrows to move to the next or previous financial year timeline.

Step 7:

Click on complete to finish creating a Corporate Objective. The Corporate objective so created will be available in Corporate OKRs and Key Results can be added.

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