How do I create a recurring task?

Category: OKRs allows an option to set recurring tasks within a scheduled time frame without any interventions. You can schedule the recurring tasks in advance.

Why this feature?

  • Practically all compliance work requires recurring tasks.
  • You can avoid operating in a "set it and forget it" control environment by making sure that certain activities, or controls, happen at a predetermined frequency.
  • You can view your recurring tasks on in the My Tasks and Action Center.

Step 1

Navigate to the Tasks menu from the left navigation panel.

Hover the cursor on the task card and select the end date. 

Click on the option Set Recurring to set the recurring date.


Plan the timeframe with the explanation given below:

  • Repeats Every → Denotes the time period of the tasks like Daily, weekly, monthly, or yearly.
  • Never → The time frame will never end.
  • After → The timeframe will end after a certain occurrence that you mention.
  • On → The time frame will end after a particular schedule(you can assign date/month/year).

When a task is moved to the status Completed the same task will be created again in the status Not Started.

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