How do I create a recurring task?

Category: OKRs allows an option to set recurring tasks with a scheduled time frame and an option named Recur When to perform your tasks without any interventions or confusion. Instead of just planning your daily and recurring tasks manually, you can now schedule the recurring tasks in advance.

Why this feature?

The created tasks can be selected and by enabling the Repeat toggle you can set a detailed timeframe of the recurring tasks that you need to work on. allows you to view your tasks at two junctures, in the Tasks and Action center platform.

Step 1:

Go to My Tasks.

My Tasks

For instance, let’s do the recurring process for the task “Design document for the HR sign off.” in the status NOT STARTED.

To set a recurring time frame click on that link Set recurring.

set recurring time

Set the Status as IN PROGRESS in Recur and add the time period and click Save.


After that, plan the timeframe with the below-mentioned explanation.

Repeat every: Denotes how often you want the tasks to recur.

Here the timeframe for the task conduct survey is planned for daily.


  • Repeats → Denotes the time period of the tasks like Daily, weekly, monthly, or yearly.
  • Repeat on → Denotes on which day of the week you want the tasks to continue.
  • Ends → Denote when do you want the recurring time frame to end.
  • Never → The time frame will never end.
  • After → The timeframe will end after a certain occurrence that you mention.
  • On → The time frame will end after a particular schedule(you can assign date/month/year).

Step 2:

So if I move the task to the status IN PROGRESS the same task will be generated again in the status NOT STARTED.

Therefore the next task in line will be generated only when the previous task’s status is changed to status IN PROGRESS.

My Task

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