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Distributing weightage among key results signifies the impact and importance of certain key results over others.

Progress made on key results that will have a higher impact on the success of the objective should weigh more than the progress made on key results that do not have as high an impact on that objective. allows users to specify the weightage of each key result under an objective to reflect the varying impact each key result can have. calculates OKR progress according to these weightage values, allowing for a more accurate reflection of progress in your organization.

Note : Only Superuser can enable this toggle

Enable from Settings :

To enable weighted key results Navigate to Settings→ OKRs→ Controls. In the Controls view page, the weighted key result access toggle can be enabled.

Weighted Key Result

Enable from OKR Overview Page :

The admin/superuser has access to enable this toggle in settings at the organization level for all OKRs, but the individual users can decide whether to have the weighted key result options on the overview page at each OKR level.

You can remove this for any OKR by disabling the toggle through the Objectives’ overview page, Key Results section by disabling the “Weighted Key Results”. So calculating the weightage for key results is not mandatory, instead, it’s optional.

From the left navigation panel, select OKRs → Department OKRs.

Note: You can add weight to any of the key results that you have created in All My OKRs/My Individual OKRs/My Departments/Team OKRs.

Sidebar Menu

Let’s say, you want to add weightage to the OKR - “Increase Profitability” from the Department OKRs.

The weightage icon is visible in the OKR list page. allows you to add weight for key results at view page and overview page.

Key Result Weights

Assign Weights to KR :

The total weights for key result(s) to be around 1, such that the weight of each key result must be in decimals. If the total weight exceeds the whole number 1, then you will be alerted with the alert icon Weights Icon

As the objective Increase Profitability has three key results, the weightage is divided accordingly, such that the total weight calculated does not exceed 1.

Key Result weight Distribution

You can also distribute weightage to SubKey Results.

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