How do I distribute weightage to sub key results?

Category: OKRs

You can now create sub key results by simply distributing the key result weightage to multiple assignees at a time using the Distribute button in By doing this you can create sub key results, assign multiple assignees and distribute weightage to each key result.

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Note: To perform the following action you need to enable Allow users to define weights for key results within an OKR toggle via Settings → OKRs → Controls. Also, make sure that the Sub key results toggle is enabled via Settings → Alignment & Dependencies. Only super users have access to settings.

Step 1

Navigate to the All my OKRs page and select the key result for which you want to create sub key results and distribute weights. Click on the Add new sub key result button and select Distribute from the list.

Step 2

In the Distribute as sub key results page, select the assignees and click on the Distribute button.

Step 3

Now the key results have been distributed, you can now give names for each key result and click on the Create Subkey results button.

Step 4

The sub key results are created.

Step 5

Now click on the View icon of the key result for which you have created the sub key results.

Step 6

In the key result overview page scroll down the weighted key results section. Now click on the weightage icon.

Step 7

You can now view the key results along with the weightage, if you want to change the weight distribution, you can change and click on the Apply button.

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