How to create sub KR in ?

Category: OKRs

You can now branch out your parent key results and create sub key results for your objective in

Note: Before creating sub key results, navigate to Settings → OKRs→ Alignments & Dependencies from the left navigation panel.

Now enable Default and Sub key results to toggle. You need to be a super user to perform this.

Step 1

Now when you create a key result Using form/ Using the step-by-step guide, enable the Sub Key Results and click on Create.

Step 2

Once you enable the Sub Key Result toggle of the parent key result, you will find Add a new sub key result option.

Step 3

Now click on the Add a new sub key result, and you will find the list of options to create, just like you will find for key results. Now create a sub key result Using  Form/ Step-by-step guide.

Step 4

Now create a sub key result and click on the Create button.

Step 5

Sub key result will be created just below the parent key result.

Note :

Edit option in sub key results - The owner and the assignee both can edit/change/ check-in key results.

Alignments in sub key results - The assignee will not be able to edit the parent key result.

Visibility in sub key results - They will have the same visibility of the parent key result’s OKR.

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