How do I distribute a Key Result to multiple assignees?

Category: OKRs enables you to assign your key result to multiple users and update your key result progress automatically. For percentage tracked KR you can distribute percentage contributions to your team members.For increase and decrease KPI key results, you can distribute the KPI value to your team members.

Note: Make sure to enable the multiple assignee toggle from Settings→ OKRs→ Alignment & Dependencies → and enable the toggle to Enable Multiple Assignees.


Step 1

Navigate to OKRs→ All My OKRs from the left navigation panel.

Step 2

Now, select the OKR for which you want to calculate the percentage of contribution. Here, the Objective- Improve sales and the Key Result - Increase Sales in the APAC Region to 100 that are assigned to Alice Mills and Virginia Powell is selected.


Step 3

Now click on the Edit icon.


Step 4

In the Edit Key result page, you can find the percentage of contribution of Alice mills and Virginia Powell mentioned.


Step 5:

The Top-down alignment of the key result that is assigned to multiple assignees will be  displayed in the hierarchical order as follows


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