How do I download OKR Progress Presentation in ?

Category: OKRs provides an option to enable and download your OKR Progress just like you do for your End of quarter presentation in This OKR Progress presentation feature is now accessible to All Departments, all employees, and in the My departments OKRs list page.

Why this Feature ?

The main use of this feature is to Download your progress report for the week or quarter periods with a single click, instead of preparing it manually. This feature helps you to save time and get ready with a presentation within a minute.

Note: To access the OKR Progress presentation you should enable the OKR Progress Presentation toggle from Settings → OKRs→ OKRs List View left navigation panel. Only super users have access to Settings.


Step 1

Let’s say that you want to prepare a presentation on the OKR progress of the Customer service department. Click on the presentation icon of the department OKRs, a drop down will appear where you can select End of Quarter presentation or OKR progress presentation. Here the OKR Progress presentation is selected.

Note: You will find both the End of Quarter presentation and OKR progress presentation listed in the drop down only when both the toggles are enabled under Settings, if you have enabled either of them, then you will straight away go to the respective presentation page.


Step 2

In the OKR Progress, give the presentation title, and context for your presentation. Also you can add speaker notes to your presentation by enabling the Speaker notes toggle once you enable the toggle, you will be provided with the list of notes that you can add. Here the show notes option is selected.


Step 3

In the period filter you can multi-select periods at a time. We can pick any period to view and download the presentation.


Step 4

After selecting the Period, click on the Download button.


Step 5

The OKR Progress presentation will be downloaded for the respective department that you select.

Note: You can see the OKR score on the downloaded presentation.


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