What is the End of Quarter Presentation function in Profit.co?

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Profit.co provides a new option named End of Quarter Presentation to download the quarterly OKRs in a report format.

Why this Feature?

The End of Quarter Presentation is a tool in Profit.co that helps users quickly and easily create a PowerPoint presentation with Overall OKR progress and KR progress for the current quarter, and plan for the next quarter for any department which is available in all the department tabs.

Step 1

After enabling the toggle for “End of Quarter Presentation'' go to OKRs menu. Select the option which will be on the right corner of the OKR list page next to the download icon.

Click on the icon icon.

End of Quarter Presentation

Step 2

After clicking this icon you’ll icon be directed to a page which is given below.


Here the Objectives list will be selected by default. Uncheck the objectives which you don't want and finally click on the Download button which will be present below.


Note: You can filter the objective according to their Status.


Step 3

After clicking the Download button the presentation file will be downloaded in the form of .pptx file.

pptx file

You can open the presentation file with your application.


In the downloaded presentation we can be able to see the ranking score on the OKRs.

ranking score

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