How to customize the slides for the End of Quarter presentation in OKR?

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In the End of Quarter Presentation, provides an option to customize the look of the OKR presentation slides via Settings.The End of Quarter presentation is a tool in Profit that helps users quickly and easily create a PowerPoint presentation with Overall OKR progress and KR progress for the current quarter, and plan for the next quarter for any department available in all department tabs

Note:Only Super Users can customize the slides in End of Quarter Presentation.

Step 1:

Go to Settings → OKRs → OKR List View.

Click the Customize button in End of quarter Presentation.

Step 2:

Here you can customize the font size, font color, border, and background color of the elements in each and every section of the slide.

A new slide, OKRs summary slide for the upcoming quarter, has been added to the end of quarter presentation. This slide will show a summary of OKRs you have created for the upcoming quarter. After updating the changes in the slide click Save.

After saving you’ll get the changes in the presentation while downloading it.

Note: If you want to discard the changes that you have done click, Reset to Default.

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