How do I export all the OKRs?

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You can export all the OKRs and can view them in a printed format.

Why this feature?

You can export OKRs in.csv format to maintain the records. Also, you can have them in printed format for discussions, problem-solving and decision-making. 

Step 1

Navigate to Home → Company Dashboard from the left menu.

You will be directed to the Company Dashboard page.

Step 2

On the company dashboard page, click the Export  button in the top right corner.

You can export all the OKRs into a CSV file.

Note: Before downloading the report if you have set any weights and also if you have enabled OKR Ranking. You’ll be getting the information on both weightage and ranking in the report file. We will get the same information if you have enabled it in all other OKR types.

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