How do I set my OKR visibility?

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As John Doerr once said, “Transparency seeds collaboration”. OKRs within an organization must be accessible to all employees. However, there are scenarios where management would like to restrict the visibility of some OKRs. allows users to set visibility for OKRs. There are 5 levels of visibility, not necessarily mutually exclusive.

At the individual level, you can set 6 levels of visibility.

  • All Employees
  • My Management
  • My Directs
  • My Team
  • Only Myself

  •  Access list


  • All Employees - Everyone in the company can see this OKR
  • My Management - Only my management can see this OKR
  • My Directs - Only employees who directly report to me can see this OKR
  • My Team - Everyone in my organization, either directly or indirectly reporting to me can see this OKR
  • Only Myself - These are also called personal OKRs. They don’t count towards the profit score calculations
  • Access List - Selected employees can view them

You generally want your OKRs to be visible company-wide in order to encourage complete transparency. Also, you would have certain reasons to restrict the visibility of some OKRs to a narrower level which would have been decided based on circumstances.


Let’s see how to set visibility for the objective.

Step 1

Go to OKRs visibility_for_the_objective and click on My Individuals menu from the left navigation panel

Step 2

Click on the Create OKR button → Using Forms/Step by Step Guide. In the step by step OKR creation method, the visibility option will be in step 3


In Using form page, the visibility option will be on the top and the options will be displayed via dropdown.


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