How do I set my OKR visibility?

Category: OKRs empowers users to establish visibility preferences for OKRs, granting control over who can view objectives

Why this feature?

  • This feature enables you to determine the visibility of OKRs. 
  • Objectives assigned to the department can be restricted to selected employees within the department as well as the organization. 
  • Restricting the visibility will allow the user to limit the employees to perform actions to the OKRs.

While Using Form

At the Individual level, While creating an objective using Form, you will have 6 levels of visibility.
  • All Employees - Everyone in the company can see this OKR
  • My Management - Only My Management can see this OKR
  • My Directs - Only employees who report directly to me can see this OKR
  • My Team - Everyone in My Team can see this OKR
  • Only Myself - Only you will have access to that OKR. These are also called personal OKRs. 
  • Access List - Selected employees can view them

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