How do you define a key result of Milestone tracked in Profit?

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In you have 7 types of key results to choose to define your KRs.

Why this feature?

Let’s say that you want to set milestone key results for Delivering projects on time, the following will be the list of milestones that can be used to define your key result.

  • Soliciting and receiving funding for a project
  • Completing prototypes.
  • Obtaining patent approvals.
  • Hiring and staffing a project.
  • Signing contracts.
  • Writing press releases

If you are not sure about the 7 types of key results, watch the below video.


Step 1

Click here to know how to create a key result using step-by-step.

Let’s see how to create a milestone key result.

milestone tracked

Step 2

Selecting this key result type will present a list of predefined milestone sequences and you can also create a new one.

Standard Templates

Step 3

Let's create one for “Delivery project on time”. Enter milestone names and the progressive percentage for each step.

Add Key Results

Step 4

The key result will be created.

key result created

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