How does Assigned division work in Strategy?

Category: OKRs allows you to add the division to the Initiatives and link OKRs.

Why this Feature?

This Assigned division field helps the Initiative definers to add the members of the department. By adding the department under this, the members of the selected department in the assigned division field will also have access to view & link their OKRs with initiatives.

Step 1

Navigate to Settings → Strategy → Initiatives and enable the toggle Employees from departments associated with an Initiative.

Enable Include Parent/Sub departments only if you want to give access to them.

Step 2

Now create an Initiative and map the assigned division. For example, I have created an Initiative to Improve employee engagement and mapped the assigned division to Human Resources to link their OKRs to this Initiative.

The employees in that particular division/department will only have the access to the Initiative created and they can link their OKRs to this Initiative and make progress.

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