How to delete the themes and sub-themes from the Roadmap?

Category: General allows Super Users to delete the Mian Themes and Sub-Themes under a Roadmap.

Why this Feature?

  • This feature streamlines project planning by removing outdated elements, enhancing organizational efficiency, and facilitating collaboration. 
  • This feature enables users to iterate on their roadmap, optimize resource allocation, and maintain alignment with evolving business priorities, ultimately driving better decision-making and project success.

Step 1

Navigate to the Roadmaps from the left navigation panel. 

Hover over the Roadmap and click on the View Details icon to view the details of the Roadmap.

Step 2

On the Roadmap Overview page, hover over the Main theme and click on the Ellipsis icon.

Click the Edit option, make changes to the main theme, and then click on the Update button.

To Delete the theme, select the Delete option. You'll receive a confirmation message, then click the Yes button to proceed.

Step 3

Similarly, hover over the Sub-theme and click on the Ellipsis icon.

Click on the Edit option to Update the sub-theme.

Click on the Delete option to delete the sub-theme.

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