How to add weightage to Objective?

Category: OKRs

You can now add weights for objectives just like you define weightage for the key results in

Note: Only super users have access to Settings.

Step 1

To add weightage for objectives, you need to first enable the Allow users to define weights for the objective toggle.

So, navigate to Settings → OKRs → Controls from the left navigation panel.

Step 2

In the Controls page, scroll down to the Weighted Objective section and enable the toggle.

Step 3

In the OKRs page, once you enable the toggle, the weight icon will appear, click on it. Here for instance the department OKRs of Marketing is selected. Here you can see the weights allotted for each objective under the marketing department. Since the total weight is not cumulative of 1, there is an alert message saying, Total weight is less than 1.

Step 4

Adjust weight in such a way that the total weight of objectives in the selected department is cumulative of 1. Click Update.

Step 5

Once you click Update, depending on the weightage of the objective and its progress, the overall progress bar of the objectives will be updated.

Step 6

If you don’t want to add weights for your Objectives, disable the toggle for Weighted Objectives.

Weighted Objectives

After disabling it the weighted progress won’t be reflected.

Disable toggle

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