How to align a sub-key result with another sub-key result in

Category: OKRs provides an option for users to align their sub-key result with another sub-key result.

Why this feature?

  • By using this feature, the user can align their sub-key results with other sub-key results of other department OKRs, or with the company OKRs.
  • Aligning sub-key results helps to track progress toward the department/company's OKRs, and how each team's efforts contribute to achieving those objectives.

Step 1

Navigate to All My OKRs from the left navigation panel. 

Choose the Individual/Corporate/Department OKRs and navigate to the sub-key result for which you want to create the alignment.

For instance, let us consider the Product Management department's sub-key result to be aligned. Hover over the sub-key result and click on the Ellipsis icon. 

Choose Align option to align them with another sub-key result.

Step 2

In the pop up select the OKR at any level in which you want to create the alignment, choose the sub-key result you want to align with, and click Update.

The Product Management sub-key result is aligned with the Corporate sub-key result in this case.

Note: The progress of the sub-key result from the product development team will contribute to the corporate-level sub-key result directly.

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