How to assign a sub key result to multiple assignees?

Category: OKRs now supports multiple assignees for sub key results. This will allow all the assignees to check-in the sub key result at the same time and no individual user will have a copy of the key result for the individual check-in.

To learn how to create sub key results, click here.

Note: To add multiple assignees to sub key results, the super user must enable the Enable Multiple Assignees toggle via Settings --> OKRs--> Alignments &Dependencies. Only Super users have access to Settings.

Step 1

To assign multiple assignments to sub key results, select multiple assignees just like you have assigned for the key result under which you are creating a sub key result and assign to multiple assignees.

Step 2

Now the assignees can check-in the sub key result.

Step 3

For Instance, let’s check the assigned key result in Alice mills’ user account, you will find that all the three assignees, assigned to the sub key result and there is no separate check-in for each user.

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