How to calculate the OKR Fulfillment Score?

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In, the OKR Fulfillment Score can be calculated by the average value of the Objectives and Key Results progress assigned to you and your Department/Teams.

The formula is given below,

OKR Fulfillment Score = (total number of objective progress + total number of assigned key result progress) / (number of objectives + number of assigned key results) 

Step 1

Consider that there are two OKRs created in the Product Management Team.

If the Key Result has been assigned in the same department the Objective progress needs to be calculated. The two objectives progress are 0.68 and 0.59.

Step 2

Consider that the Product Marketing Team has assigned two key results to the Product Management Team.

So the Key Results have been assigned from a different department. So here, only the key result progress will be taken into account, not the objective progress. The two key result progress are 0.35 and 0.30.

For the Product Management Team, 2 key results have been assigned from a different department and 2 OKRs have been created. So the total count will be 4.

Note: The OKR Fulfillment Score might change if you have applied weights to the OKRs.

OKR Fulfillment Score = (0.68 + 0.59 + 0.35 + 0.30) / (2 + 2) = 1.92/4 = 0.48

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