How to calculate the Planned vs Actual Score for the Department?

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In before calculating the Planned and the Actual score, we first have to know the Overall Progress of the OKR. The formula for the overall OKR progress is,

Actual progress percentage = ( Total OKRs Progress / Total Count of OKRs)

Step 1

Let us discuss this with an example. Navigate to the All My OKRs page and select any Department. 

For instance, we’ll select the Product Management department. 

And we have created three OKRs in the Sales department for the period Q4-2022.

  • The first OKR has 71% of progress.
  • The second OKR has 74% of progress.
  • The third OKR has 64% of progress.

So the overall progress percentage will be,

Actual progress percentage = [(71 + 74 + 64) / 3] = 70% 

Step 2

In the above OKRs, we have selected for the period Q4-2022.

The total number of days for the quarter Q4-2022 will be 92 days.

Currently, the total count of days completed in Q4-2022 including the current date is 89 days.

So let's calculate the Planned Progress per day and the formula is,

Planned progress percentage = (Difference between target start date & current date / Difference between target start date & target end date) * 100

Let’s consider that your Department Heatmap settings have the below configuration.

And the value will be,

Planned progress percentage = [89/92 * 100] = 96%

In the Department Heatmap, you can view the Planned and Actual Progress in percentage form.

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