What is Department Heatmap ?

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A Department Heatmap is a graphical representation of progressed OKRs in various departments and their values are depicted by color codes. Profit. co provides a better user experience by helping customers to view the reports for analyzing the OKRs and their progress department-wise. 

Why this feature?

  • The Department heatmap feature enables you to view Organization’s performance in a highly visual and intelligible way. 
  • The department heatmap displays the OKR progress by departments.
  • Heatmaps make it easy to visualize complex data and understand it at a glance. We are going to provide an option to generate a heatmap dashboard for department OKRs.

To add Department Heatmap to Home follow the below steps:

Step 1

Navigate to Settings → General → Apps from the left navigation menu..

In the Apps Page, Customize the Home menu.

Enable the Department Heatmap and click Done.

Note: Only Super Users can enable the Department Heatmap.

Step 2

Navigate to Home → Department Heatmap from the left navigation menu.

On the Department heatmap page, the department OKRs will be displayed based on the Period chosen.

Step 3

Users can select any department from the drop-down menu to view their progress.

For instance, Let’s select the Marketing Department.

Step 4

A list of OKRs of the selected department/sub-department will be displayed below, similar to the department OKRs page.

Using the Period filter, users can select and view specific quarter’s OKRs and their Progress.

By clicking on the icon you can download the heatmap report in a CSV format.

The CSV file will contain the department and the OKR counts including their progress and score values.

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