How to view the progress of my department OKRs in

Category: OKRs allows users to view the progress of all the department OKRs in a single window.

Why this Feature?

The Department progress dashboard gives you a multifaceted view of the department's OKRs progress. Users can view the status and track the progress of departmental OKRs from the Department’s progress dashboard.

Step 1:

Navigate to Settings → General → Modules from the left navigation panel.

Modules navigation

Note: Only Super Users can customize and add Department Progress to the Home menu.

Step 2:

Select Customize for the Home menu on the Modules page, Enable Left Menu toggle for

Department Progress, and select Done.

Department Progress

Step 3:

Now navigate to Home → Department Progress from the left navigation panel.

Department Progress navigation

Step 4:

The Department Progress page allows you to view the progress and status of various departmental OKRs.

The Department Progress page includes a filter to show departments, sub-departments, and KRs alone, as well as an option to expand and collapse OKRs.

Note: You can also identify parent key results including sub-KRs in department progress.

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