How to conduct OKR Reviews using the Progress, Plan and Problems (PPP) approach?

Category: OKRs provides an option to review the overall check-ins that you have made for the OKRs.

Why this Feature?

Check-ins are integral to the OKR methodology. You have to check-in at regular intervals to keep the momentum going and march to the drumbeat to achieve the desired outcomes you set out to achieve. As part of your check-in, allows you to review your OKRs using the OKR Reviews feature.

Let’s go through the steps to enable and conduct OKR Reviews in

Step 1:

Navigate to All my OKRs and click on the Objective you wish to review.

All My OKRs

Step 2:

Click on the Reviews tab and click on the New Review button.


Step 3:

A side panel will appear where you can review your OKR. Fill in the Overall Comments, Progress, Plan, and Problems section to complete your OKR review. Once done, click Submit.


The newly created review will be displayed in the OKR Review section in All My OKRs page.

OKR Review panel

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