How to create Customize OKR periods under settings in

Category: OKRs provides an option to create custom OKR Periods or Performance Review Cycle for setting OKRs and initiating Performance Review.

Why this Feature?

Now you can create an OKR period or performance review cycle with a name and duration of your choice. These custom created periods will be available in the filter menu while setting OKRs and while initiating a performance review.

Note: Only the Super User is allowed to create the OKR period or Performance Review Cycle.

Step 1

Navigate to Settings → OKRs → Periods.


Step 2

In the Periods page, click on the Add Custom Period button.


Select the Custom tab. Now add a Period Name, Year, Start Date, and End Date and click on Add button.


Step 3

Now when you select a particular OKR period, the custom created period will be available in the filter menu.


Step 4

Also, when you initiate a Performance Review, the custom period will be available.


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