How to create Customize OKR periods under settings in

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  • provides an option to create custom OKR Periods or Performance Review Cycle for setting OKRs and initiating Performance Review.

Why this Feature?

You can now establish a custom OKR period or performance review cycle with a name and a duration of your preference. These custom periods will be accessible in the filter menu when configuring OKRs or initiating performance reviews.

Note: Only the Super User is allowed to create the OKR period or performance review cycle.

Step 1

Navigate to Settings → General → Periods.

Step 2

On the Periods page, click on the Add Custom Period button.

Select the Custom tab. Now add a Period Name, Year, Start Date, and End Date, and click on the Add button.


Step 3

You can create a new OKR with the new time period.

Now when you select a particular OKR period, the custom-created period will be available in the filter menu.

Step 4

Also, when you initiate a performance review, the custom period will be available.

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