How to do check-ins for the Key Results above 100%?

Category: OKRs provides an option to do check-ins for the Key Result above the Target value.


Why this Feature?

Earlier, we were able to enable only the Progress > 100% for an OKR. But now we can apply a value for check-in beyond the Target Value even after completing the key result.

Step 1:

Go to Settings → OKRs → Key Result Types.

Key Result Types

In the Key Result Types menu you’ll be able to see the toggle Check-in > 100% for the KPI’s

  • Percentage Tracked
  • Task Tracked
  • Increase KPI
  • Decrease KPI

Step 2:

For instance let’s enable the toggle for the Increase KPI.

Increase KPI

After that if we do the check-in for a key result using increased KPI.

You’ll be able to set the Value beyond the Target and the achievement score will also increase beyond 100%.


What happens if the toggle Progress > 100% has been disable for the Increase KPI?

In the Increase KPI if the toggle is enabled for the toggle Check-in > 100% at the same time if the toggle is disabled for the toggle Progress > 100%.

enabled the toggle

The Key Result value can be beyond the Target but the Achievement Score won’t be beyond 100%.


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