What is task based Key result progress in Profit.co?

Category: OKRs

You can now create/edit key results and can progress them as task based key results in Profit.co.

Note: The task based key result progress can be performed only for percentage tracked key results.

Step 1

Create a percentage tracked key result for which you want to track the progress based on tasks.

percentage tracked

Step 2

A task based Key result will be created.

task based Key result

Step 3

There are 2 ways to create tasks.

3.1 Task icon will be visible when you hover the pointer over the key result. You can create tasks directly by clicking on the tasks icon.

create tasks

3.2 You can create tasks by clicking on the key result and navigating to the Tasks tab to create tasks. Here two tasks are created from the OKR list page by clicking on the Tasks icon.

create tasks

Step 4

One of the tasks is completed.

tasks completed

Step 5

As you have completed one of the two tasks, the key result will be progressed with 50%. Once you complete the other task, your key result will be completed.

key result progressed

Step 6

Now we can see KRs with the associated tasks, so that it will be easier to know if there are tasks associated with a KR or not.

If a KR with tasks associated with it will be shown below with the tasks icon along with the number of tasks associated with the KR.

For instance,let’s say that one task is associated with the KR, you will notified as in the image given below.

associated tasks

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