How to create new Workspace and Boards for Tasks through a mobile application?

Category: Tasks allows you to create Workspaces and Boards in Task management using a mobile application.

Why this feature?

A Workspace and a Board are two typical task management features used to arrange and monitor tasks, particularly in working environments. They give a visual picture of tasks, and encourage teamwork.

Step 1

Navigate to Task Management  from the home menu.

To create a workspace, click on the Fries  menu icon in the top left corner. 

Click on the Workspace, select the + icon.  Enter the Workspace name, set owner, and set visibility.

Public → The Workspace can be visible to everyone.

Access List → The Workspace will be visible only to the selected employees.

Finally, click Create.


Step 2

To create a board in the newly created Workspace. Click on the  Fries menu  icon in the top left corner and Click on the Workspace, Choose the created workspace, select the + icon. Enter the Board Name, set owner, set the Visibility, and set the Stages.

Finally, click Create.



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