How to create new Workspace and Boards for Tasks through a mobile application?

Category: Tasks allows you to create Workspaces and Boards in Task management using a mobile application.

Why this feature?

A workspace and a board are two typical task management features used to arrange and monitor tasks, particularly in working environments. They give a visual picture of tasks, and encourage teamwork.

Step 1

To create a Workspace, navigate to Tasks in the bottom menu. To create a workspace, click on the Fries  menu icon in the top left corner.

Click on the Workspace, and select the + icon.  Enter the Workspace name, set owner, and set visibility.

Finally, click Create.

Step 2

To create a board in the newly created Workspace. Click on the  Fries  menu icon in the top left corner and Click on the Workspace, Choose the created workspace dropdown, and click on the + icon. Enter the Board Name, set owner, set the Visibility, and set the Stages.

Finally, click Create.

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