How can I view my team's tasks?

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In you can view your team tasks through the option named My Org’s Task.

Why this Feature?

By using this feature you can view the employee's task that will be displayed under your team/organization.

Step 1:

From the left navigation panel, navigate Tasks → My Org’s Task.

You will be directed to My Org’s Tasks page.


Step 2:

In My Org’s Tasks Page, you can view the tasks of all your team members who are reporting to you.

For instance, let's consider Roger Smith, the CEO who can see the tasks of all his team members on this page.


Let’s say Roger wants to view Mary Cynthia’s tasks,

  • He clicks on Mary Cynthia’s profile picture (Click on the name acronym, if the profile image is not set by the employee).
  • He can see all the tasks of Mary Cynthia.

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