How to create a new task in Profit?

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Tasks are nothing but the activities done to achieve the key results. Let's see how to create a new task and set priorities for the same.

Why this feature?

Tasks are created to set various levels of priority based on importance and set deadlines with time and date to get it done. Tasks can also be further broken up into sub-tasks and the users can track progress.

Step 1:

Log in and from the left navigation panel and select, Tasks → My Tasks.


The My Tasks page will open


Step 2:

In the My Tasks view, click Create (+) icon.


In the inline task form, enter the following:

Describe your Task: Describe the activity

Target Date: Date by which you want to finish the task

Assigned to: By default, this field will be populated with your name. Select a different employee if you want to assign it to any other employee. Once you assign it to a different person, you’ll no longer be able to see this task in the My Tasks view.

Learn how to assign tasks to your team members and other employees.


Let’s say you want to create a new task. Create a schedule for Social Media posts and the target date of the task is 03/31/2020.

Enter the task name and the target date. Then click Save.


Step 3:

Once your task is created, you can see that the status is set to Not Started by default.


Click on your task and set the Priority to High, and change the Status to Scheduled in the Upcoming Task form.

Enter the description for the task, but it is optional.


Associate the appropriate key result with this task and click Update to finish

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