How to enable OKR at different levels of the organization?

Category: OKRs provides an option to accredit OKRs at different levels in an organization via OKR level Settings.

Why this feature?

This feature allows you to enable and disable the OKRs at different levels in the Organization such as Department, Team, and Individual.

How to enable OKR at different levels of the organization?

Step 1

From the left navigation panel, select Settings → OKRs → OKR Levels.


Step 2:

Saaszilla Corporation Ltd.(business name) OKRs are Corporate OKRs.

  • By Enabling the Toggle you will be able to create Corporate OKRs.
  • Select employees who you want to give access to create corporate OKRs in Who can define the field.

In this step, you can see Roger Smith, CEO of Saaszilla Corporation selected to create corporate OKRs.


 By Disabling the toggle, the employees will not be able to create any corporate-level OKRs.


Step 3:

In this step, you can see the Department OKRs settings

  • By enabling Department OKRs any employee designated as the department head can create department OKRs.
  • Only department heads and other people in the Corporate OKRs list can create department OKRs.


Step 4:

The next setting is My Team’s OKRs.

  • Once you enable My Team’s OKRs, employees can create Team OKRs.
  • But, employees can create OKRs only for the teams to which they belong.

Step 5:

Next, is the Individual OKRs settings, and once enabled, all employees can create their Individual OKRs.


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