How to enable OKR at different levels of the organization?

Category: OKRs provides an option to accredit OKRs at different levels in an organization via OKR level Settings. 

Why this feature?

  • provides an option to enable/disable OKRs at different levels of the organization. 
  • This feature allows you to define clear objectives at each level help prioritize efforts, reducing ambiguity, and increasing productivity by focusing on what matters most.

Step 1

Navigate to Settings → OKRs → Authoring from the left navigation panel. Switch to the General tab. 

Corporate OKRs

  • By enabling the toggle, you will be able to create Corporate OKRs.
  • Select employees whom you want to give access to create Corporate OKRs in the Who can define field.

Department OKRs

  • By enabling Department OKRs toggle, any employee designated as the department head can create department OKRs.
  • Only department heads and other people in the Corporate OKRs list can create department OKRs.

Individual OKRs

By enabling Individual OKRs toggle, all employees can create their Individual OKRs.

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