How to enable the Add Workspace/Board creating option under a Key Result?

Category: OKRs provides an option to enable/disable adding workspaces/boards options in the dropdown while creating a key result.

Why This feature?

This feature allows you to add pre-established Workspace/Boards to the Key Results of your OKRs. This enables the user to monitor OKRs efficiently.

Step 1:

Navigate to Settings → OKR → OKR Authoring from the left menu.


Step 2:

In OKR Authoring, you’ll be able to see the Toggle for Workspace/Board for Key Results under the section Create OKR Options.


Note: By default, the toggle will be in the enabled state.

Step 3:

If you Disable the Toggle for creating Workspace/Board under a key result.


You can’t see the option while creating the key result.


Note: If the toggle is in the Default state (Enabled) you will see the option while creating Key Result.


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