How to Restrict Parent Key Result check-ins?

Category: OKRs provides an option to restrict the check-ins that we perform on the parent key results.

Why this Feature?

By using this feature we can control parent Key Result level check-in, only the Sub-Key Results progress will override the parent Key Result. This will helps the check-in at parent level Key Result when the sync is enabled and the progress is rolled up from the Sub-KRs to avoid manipulation. On disabling the option to control overrides from settings.

Step 1

Navigate to Settings → OKRs → Alignments & Dependencies from the left menu.


Disable the toggle for Allow users to override check-ins at the parent key result level. By default, the Check-in Overrides toggle will be enabled.


Before disabling the toggle you’ll be getting the confirmation message to enforce this in the newly created department/team OKRs.


If you enable the toggle we can restrict the parent key result check-ins in the existing Department and Team OKRs. Finally, click Save.

Step 2

Consider that you have created a new OKR in which the parent key result has two sub-key results.


If you try to make the check-in directly in the Parent Key Result.


You can’t make the check-in and a pop-up message will appear that says, the Check-ins from sub key results are being synced and cannot be overridden.

Step 3

Also, we can't do the check-in for the existing Department/Team progressed parent key result.

Team_Department OKR

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