How to Restrict Visibility for Key Results in

Category: OKRs provides an option to Restrict Visibility for Key Results and Sub Key Results. 

Why this Feature?

  • This feature enables you to determine the visibility of Key Results. Thus allowing only the selected set of users to make progress and do check-ins on the Key Result and Sub Key Results of the OKRs.
  • Key Results assigned to the department can be restricted to selected employees within the department as well as the organization. 
  • Restricting the visibility will allow the user to limit the employees to perform actions to the OKRs.

Step 1

Navigate to OKRs from the left navigation panel and select the Key Result you wish to Restrict visibility.

Click on the More icon and select the View Details option.

Step 2

In the Key Result page, click on the Overview tab and Enable the Restrict Visibility toggle. Click on the + icon to add Employees, Departments, or Teams.

Note: Restricted visibility works only for the Sub Key result assignment approach and no bottom-up alignment is allowed.

Step 3

Add users for those whom you want to Restrict Visibility and select Update.

The selected employees will be able to view the Key results, Sub-key results, perform check-ins, and track progress for the OKR.

Step 4

When you try to add assignees to the Key Results, An Alert message will appear to notify you that the KRs/Sub KRs have Restricted Visibility.

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