How to set the Default key result type before creating a key result in

Category: OKRs allows you to set the Default Key Result type before creating a key result via Settings.

Why this Feature?

This feature helps you to set your default Key result type based on your requirements. Whenever you create a new key result for your objectives, this will help you save time without having the need to manually set the key result type for every key result that you create.

Step 1

Navigate to Settings→OKRs→Key Result Types from the left navigation panel.

Keyresult type navigation.png

Step 2

In the KeyResult Types Page, Click on the Default create type drop-down.

Default create type.png

Select an option from the Default create type drop-down. Here, Milestone Tracked is selected as the default Key Result type.

Milestone Tracked .png

Note: This Default create type selection is applicable to all Key Result creation methods except the Quick Create option. Quick Create method supports only the Percentage tracked Key Result Type as the default key result type.

Step 3:

In the Key Result creation page, the Key Result Type will be set as Milestone Tracked by default, based on the option selected in the Default create type drop down.

Key Result creation page.png

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