Is it possible to clear all data in the Company dashboard?

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No, it's not possible to delete all the data that appears in the company dashboard of But you can filter the quarters using the Predefined filter option and can view the OKRS for the selected period alone, instead of viewing the entire OKR progress.

Why this Feature?

  • By using this feature, the users can filter the OKRs and monitor the progress and performance of the Department and Team OKRs for a particular time period. So that you won't have the need to clear the data to have a restricted view of the OKR dashboard.
  • Efficiently track and analyze department and team OKRs, enhancing clarity, focus, and data management in the OKR dashboard.

Note: Only Super Users have access to Settings and can create new Filters based on their requirements.

Step 1

To view the OKR progress in the company dashboard, navigate to the Home → Company dashboard from the left navigation panel.

Step 2

On the Company dashboard page, you can select a particular period using the filter option, and you can also select any number of periods to view the overall OKR progress.

Step 3

Also, you can download the selected chart in CSV or XLS format using the download option present on the company dashboard page.

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