What are the details that will be displayed in the end of quarter presentation of OKRs?

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Profit.co provides an option to enable and download your End of Quarter OKR progress and KR progress as a PowerPoint presentation.

Why this Feature?

The End of Quarter presentation is a feature that helps users quickly and easily create a PowerPoint presentation with Overall OKR and KR progress for the current quarter, and to plan for the next quarter. This option is available in all department tabs.

The details provided at the end of the quarter presentation slides are the following.

The first slide of your presentation is the OKRs Welcome slide.

OKRs Welcome slide

OKRs Progress slide - Shows the progress of your OKRs.

OKRs Progress slide

KR Progress slide - Shows the Key Result Progress.

KR Progress slide

Plan for Next Quarter slide displays the plans for the future quarter's OKRs.

Plan for Next Quarter

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