Will I receive notifications or reminders to update key results?

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Yes, you will receive a notification. When you create a key result(s) you will be selecting the check-in frequency(s) to update the progress you make.

Why this Feature?

By using this feature you can find the pending progress related to OKRs in Profit.co. Based on the frequency you have selected you will receive notifications from Profit.co.

Profit.co supports notification through the News Feed.

Note: You also have options to enable or disable notifications. To do so you should be a superuser.

Step 1:

From the left navigation panel, select Settings → News Feed → Events.


You will be directed to the Events page.

Event Page

Step 2:

Let's say you want your users to receive check-in reminders through News Feed. Enable the Check-in Reminders toggle in the News Feed column.

Therefore by enabling it you'll get notifications about key results in the News Feeds section.


To see news feeds navigate Home → News Feed in the left navigation panel.

News Feed

Not just the key results notifications, you can also receive notifications on objectives, tasks, and performance reviews.

You can see the toggles for the Event Name related to Task Management and Performance Management.

You can also see check-in reminder notification before your key results as shown below when your key result check-in is due in 2 days.

Task Management

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