How to add Notes in Weekly Meetings and Quarterly Meetings?

Category: Tasks

You can now add notes in weekly and quarterly meetings in has come with the Notes icon that can be placed anywhere in the Add page of Meeting.

To learn how to create weekly and quarterly meetings, click here.

Step 1

For instance, let's say that you want to schedule a weekly meeting and add notes, Click on the Notes button from the Add tab.

Step 2

When you click on Notes, the mouse pointer will convert to the notes icon. Now place the   Notes icon where you want to add your notes.

Step 3

For instance, let’s say that Alex Cross wants to add a note/comment to Allyson for almost completing the particular key result. Once he adds the Note he can click Save, also he can edit or delete the added Notes.

Step 4

Now Allyson and all the other attendees can view the Note and add their comments by clicking on the Note icon.

Step 5

The comment can be added any number of times by the attendees.

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