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OKR Execution

You may have created an OKR that you were able to complete before your target date. If you’ve completed most or all of your key results, you can always add more to continue to achieve your objective.

To learn how to add a key result, see the “How do I create key results” section under OKR Planning.

I failed to execute my OKRs and know that I am not going to make it this quarter. What do I do?

If you didn’t complete your OKRs by your target date, you’ll have the opportunity to reset them at the end of your target date. You may have come close and just missed completing one KR, or maybe you didn’t get to complete any of your key results.

You can read more about resets here, or in the “Moving Forward” section below.

Your OKRs can be completely changed and adjusted during a reset, or you can make minor adjustments based on what you’ve learned.

While executing my OKRs, new ideas came to my mind that could be useful for future quarters. Is there a draft space to put those ideas in?

When completing your OKRs, you may have thought about new key results you would like to use in the future or you may have come up with some comments and suggestions based on your past experiences.

You can make many changes to your OKRs during the quarter, including adding additional key results from the backlog.

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