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To indicate that you’ve learned something new, you can use hashtags in your check-in comments, OKR reviews, and reflections/resets.

edit IconA superuser can add and create hashtags to be used in the program. They can also disable the use of any inappropriate or unnecessary hashtags that have been created.

Below are examples of hashtags that could be useful in indicating what you’ve learned:

Hashtag conversation

To indicate that you’ve learned something new today, you can use hashtags in the comments section of a check-in. To use hashtags in a check-in, open your check-in for the key result you’d like to discuss. In the comments section, you can type “#” to see a drop-down menu with all of your hashtag options.

Hashtag conversation

For example, if you want to write “#planning how to gain followers on each platform”, the “#planning” would appear as the hashtag and the rest as a comment alongside it.


Or, maybe you learned this week that you’re too busy to continue creating content. You could indicate that you need help with this using a hashtag.

All my OKRs Check-in

By selecting “Add”, your hashtags will automatically be added to your check-in and the “Hashtagged Conversations” page.


Here, anyone can see your hashtags and take note of what you’ve learned.

How do I access what others have learned and experienced?

You can also access what others have learned through the “Hashtagged Conversations” menu option. Instead of writing what you’ve learned, you can view what others have learned by selecting the “#” to the left of the action center menu option.


Here you’ll find a list of all of the hashtags used in your organization. This will keep you updated with what other groups and individuals are working on.


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