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One of the aspects of the OKR method that makes it the best tool for objective management is its ability to streamline functionality across multiple departments. It’s a broad and flexible tool that’s highly customizable to the needs and challenges that any organization faces as it seeks to expand its horizons.

OKR financeOKR for Finance

Finance departments are great candidates for the implementation of an OKR by virtue of their dollars-and-cents subject matter. The structure of an OKR calls for… Some example finance OKRs

OKR for EngineeringOKR for Engineering

The OKR method can be a powerful and effective tool to align your engineering team’s objectives against the types of objectives and goals seen in other departmental pursuits…

OKR for SalesOKR for Sales

OKR can be a powerful tool for sales teams to achieve better turnout and higher productivity than you thought possible. The success of your sales team is driven by the…

OKR for MarketingOKR for Marketing

Due to its highly subjective nature, marketing teams across various industries may have an overabundance of metrics or may have too few in place to establish…

Use OKRs for the Best Outcome

Companies that Use OKRs

  • google
  • Samsung
  • Linkedin
  • Netflix
  • Amazon.com
  • Microsoft
  • Twitter
  • Tntel
  • Adobe

World’s biggest companies use the OKR methodology to help them manage their company goals. By being more focused on tasks and goals, they have not only survived, but thrived and moved their company in a unified direction, making them great examples to follow.

OKR Videos

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