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OKR Professional

Ensure the long-term success of your team’s OKR program with a comprehensive toolkit from seasoned experts.


Who should take this program?

The professional development program is ideal for people who have an active role in their organization’s adoption of OKRs, will take point for their team or group’s OKR practice, and seek to be experts that enable others to adopt or improve OKRs.

C-Suite Executives

Fine tune strategic planning and build an execution roadmap that inspires focus and confidence within your team

Strategy Execution Experts

Identify a sustainable approach to strategy execution with the help of season

HR Practitioners

Develop a new approach to evaluating performance and promote organizational transparency


Boost the success of your team’s Agile framework with the improved vision and transparency OKR’s provide.


Learn to use the OKR methodology to improve visibility and steamroll bottlenecks, while aligning projects with the company vision

Startup Professionals

Understand how companies like Google used OKRs to execute on moonshot goals and achieve stratospheric growth

What do I learn in this program?

  • OKR Certification is the starting point for all implementations where organizations are trying to find an effective and efficient way to implement OKRs for their strategy execution
  • The certification enables the OKR professionals to facilitate OKR implementation, from the development of OKRs to the deployment of strategic, tactical and operational goals
  • Learning the OKR framework and its best practices provides you with all the skills needed to kick-start your OKR journey
  • The certification empowers the OKR professional to make the OKR culture accessible to all employees in the organization (or customers)

Why should I enroll with

With practical guidance and world class expertise, we have developed a highly individualized program that will motivate your team to develop a robust and sustainable OKR program.

Gain world class recognition

As a Certified OKR Professional

Real-world case studies

Apply the concepts we discuss to real world problems

Practical Workshops

Use comprehensive feedback and discussions with experts to refine your team’s OKRs and make sure your organization is off to a great start.

Proven Track Record

Successful completion of the program has improved the speed of onboarding the entire organization by an average of 50%


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The training will be conducted remotely via Zoom or a preferable conferencing platform

Of the five planned sessions, the final two are workshops dedicated to assisting your team with creating and refining their OKRs. Once that is completed, we provide additional training on how to use the platform and work with you to make sure they are accurately created and aligned within the software has an onboarding specialist team that can handhold you for a successful onboarding process– from setting-up your account to creating OKRs for different hierarchical levels. We also offer dozens of app integrations so you can keep using the platforms that work for your team alongside

While there is no defined limit to the number of attendees, we want these sessions to remain highly interactive, which typically will require a group of less than 20 people. Our goal is to produce clarity for the members of your organization who will then go on to facilitate the creation and management of OKRs throughout the company.

While there isn’t any final assessment, teams will be required to participate in regular assignments and case study problems that will reinforce the concepts we discuss. The certification is granted once the course material and assignments have been completed.