How can I edit user information ?

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You can edit user information in if you wish to update the existing user information with the current details.

Why this feature?

Providing user information to the new users is very important as it helps them to access, create and manage their account effectively. You can also change, edit or update the existing information easily. Just follow these steps to edit the editing user information.

FYI: To know how to add new users to the organization, click here.

When you add/edit users you need to make sure that the below-mentioned sections are filled authentically.

  • Personal Information
  • Department Details
  • Incentives
  • Profit Access Information

How to edit Personal Information?

Enable Login

You can edit the following:

  • Edit user’s First and Last name.
  • Edit user’s Email ID.
  • You can enable or disable the Enable login toggle to restrict login access to the employee.
  • If you want to terminate a user you can click on the top right to Terminate an employee.

Department Details

Department Details

You can edit information in department details

  • Assign a manager to the employee
  • Assign Department for the employee
  • Choose the appropriate Job title
  • Choose the Grade for the employee
  • Add the Data Of Joining


You can edit the incentive target amount assigned to the users.


Profit Access Information

Profit Access Information

  • You can edit the profit access information of the user.
  • Assign and edit User Role.
  • Enable or disable User can proxy for all users toggle.
  • Add/remove the names of Proxy users assigned already.
Assigning user roles in

1.Assign the type of role that you want to assign to the user. We have 5 types of user roles.

1) Super User

Note: By default, the user who signs-up into will be given superuser access.

This role is basically assigned to top level management personnel who need administrator level access to perform all kinds of functions in the app. Almost like an admin who can access all the modules and settings, the person entrusted with this role is powerful enough to add or eliminate any kind of actions throughout the system.

2) Profit User

Most of the employees in the organization are usually assigned the role of profit users in order to enable them to create individual OKRs that can, in turn, be aligned with the departmental OKRs to achieve common interest towards the fulfillment of organizational goals as a team. A profit user can also create tasks and perform check-ins which would help in contributing towards the OKRs of the department.

3) Profit Manager

This role is usually assigned to the heads of departments or the middle level management personnel who are responsible for managing and supervising a team of employees. While this role does not empower the person with unlimited power, it does give limited superior functional features with respect to the management of department OKRs, creation of new OKRs, and review of existing OKRs in the department.

4) Read-Only User

The read only user would only have access to analyze and observe the status of the organizational OKRs and track the accomplishments made by various departments. Customized access can also be given to these users to the tasks and KRs that have been specifically assigned to them.

5) Task User

The Task user can access only the task module. The user will have only the Task module in the left navigation menu.

Know how to create a new user in

Note : By default, the user created will be with the “profit user” role, and the super user can edit and change the desired role anytime.

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