How can I edit user information ?

Category: General provides an option to edit and update the user information of an existing user present in the organization.

Why this feature?

  • This feature allows you to edit Personal Information, Department details, and Profit Access information and also displays the system-generated information.
  • When an existing user transfers to another department or changes their User Roles, their information is edited or updated using this feature.

Note: To know how to add new users to the organization, click here.

Step 1

Navigate to Settings → User Management from the left navigation panel.

Click on the Edit icon on the Active User page to make changes to the user's information you want to edit.

Note: When you add/edit users you need to make sure that the below-mentioned sections are filled authentically.

  • Personal Information
  • Department Details
  • Profit Access Information
  • System Information

Step 2

On the Update User page,

In the Personal Information section, you can edit the user’s First Name, Last Name, and Email. You can also enable the Enable login toggle.

Note: You can also perform enable login in bulk for the selected users. Select the users, then click Bulk Action. In the dropdown click Update Fields. A pop-up opens and you can select Yes or No under the Enable Login Access option to enable login for disabled users or vice-versa.



You can also terminate a user by clicking on Terminate in the top right corner.

In the Department Details section, you can edit the details of the Manager, Department, Job Title, Date of Joining, and Last Access date.

Step 3

In the Profit Access Information Section, you can Assign and edit User Roles and Add/remove the names of Proxy users assigned already.

In the System Information Section, you can find information like Created By, Created On, Modified By, and Modified On.

Once done, Click Update The modified information will be saved.

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